Saturday, January 07, 2012

How to Delete those Annoying Sims 3 Memories

The screenshots aren't actually this nice.
Okay, so I really like the concept of memories for Sims, and I actually think it's adorable to open the scrapbook introduced in Generations once the Sim turns into an elder, and look back at all of his/her shenanigans in youth, from every promotion to every partner that my really naughty sim had in life. Yes, all those insane moments. However, this well-loved concept that was first introduced in The Sims 2 was poorly-executed in The Sims 3 in that memories aren't just cute little icons but they are horrid-looking screenshots taken from weird angles and some are irrelevant to the actual memory, such as when a memory of a Sim's death is recorded as a memory, the screenshot is of someone exercising on a treadmill. Ridiculous, but yes it happens sometimes. They also have these annoying pop-ups about every ten seconds and most of these memories are about the littlest things such as slipping on a treadmill, preparing pancakes, and stuff like that that aren't even worth remembering. Honestly, in reality, you don't need to remember how many times you've whipped up a couple of delicious, mouth-watering pancakes, slipped on a treadmill, fell from a trampoline, or unclogged your toilet. Yes, these pop-ups can be blocked in-game, but unfortunately, there is no in-game way to get rid of memories altogether. Worse? All inactive households also get memories that also bloat file size unnecessarily. Furthermore, these blasted memories slow the game and also (sometimes) cause the dreaded Error Code 12 earlier on in the game.

The good news, though, is that there is a way to enjoy the game without these annoying memories. It wouldn't hurt to have just two mods, right? At least these mods work the way they're supposed to. Personally, I don't like mods but I just had to use them for this purpose only.

What you need: A Sims 3 game (of course), patience (if you really want to do this, you'll have enough patience to do so.), a good attention span, Twallan's Master Controller mod, Shimrod's No Memories mod

Duration: it depends on the speed of your game, plus a few minutes tops.

1. If you don't have the two aforementioned mods yet, read on. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
2. If you don't have any mods installed and don't know how to install mods, read this tutorial: How to Install Mods
3. Download the two mods:
3.1. Twallan's Master Controller (make sure to follow all instructions indicated in the page to prevent errors and/or crashes.)
3.2. Shimrod's No Memories Mod
4. Extract the .PACKAGE files and install them by placing them in the mods folder. If you read the tutorial on installing mods carefully, you know where this folder is.
5. Open the game and load your household. This might just be the step that takes the longest to do if your household and neighborhood are very far into the game.
6. Shift-click on the city hall and select NRaas/MasterController/Sim/Intermediate/Remove Memories. Filters will come out there and all sims that meet the criteria will have all memories removed. What I did was to remove from all male and all female sims. It's up to you to strategize on what filters to use.
7. Optional: exit the game and delete the Master Controller mod (just delete that .PACKAGE file that it corresponds to) and just leave the No Memories Mod in the folder. I personally did this just so that I will not be tempted to play around with this powerful mod and ultimately screw up my game. My only objective here is completely obliterate all memories and prevent further creation of the superfluous things that don't even have an effect on gameplay. I don't even purchase stuff from The Sims 3 store anyway. Remember, I'm not much of a mod person, but I just need the No Memories Mod to speed up my game even just a little bit and reduce file size. Other than that, you can also feel free to have more fun out of Master Controller but please use it with discretion.


  1. I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the memories in Sims 3. Honestly, it's not important to remember every little thing. The memory system was soooo much better in TS2. I don't want my Sim to remember every time they unclogged the toilet, worked out on a machine, or burnt food! TS2 was better - you remembered the important things and the only annoying memories were the "burnt food" ones. :( I loved my Sim's having memories, but it is a hassle in Sims 3; I'm always deleting the stupid ones constantly to free up space in the scrapbook. Why did EA mess it up so badly in TS3???? *hoping EA reads this* >_< I love Sims 3, but the memory system is the stupidest and most annoying feature ever. Bring back memories similar to TS2! :'(

    I'm sorry for my rant. ^^" Thank you for your tutorial! No more meaningless memories of gaining a skill point or burning food! >:(

    1. No biggie. I really wish EA would fix the memory system because I really like the concept but it was poorly executed. Besides, I actually could use the memories for when I'm writing stories about my Sims characters.

  2. can't download Shimrod's No Memories Mod anymore, can you reupload please ^_^

  3. Shimrod's No Memories Mod: I CAN NOT FIND THAT...WHAT SOULD I DO?

  4. Master Controller now has an option to Disable Memory Creation, in the Settings menu.

  5. Can't you just go onto the options menu, and click disable memories? It's so much easier..

    1. That doesn't stop the in-actives gaining memories nor the smiley-face pop-ups each time. Master Controller disables memories full-stop and not just for the active family. Seriously speeds up the game without the memories bloating it all.

  6. so master controller now disables memories? I couldn't find shrimrod's mod and the one by velocity grass isn't enough to help